Can Trump spare us his outrage on sexual harassment? | Jessica Valenti

Can Trump spare us his outrage on sexual harassment? | Jessica Valenti


As if it weren’t enough that every day is bringing a new allegation of harassment or assault against a powerful man, the most powerful serial harasser in the country decided to weigh in over Twitter. This is a man who has been accused of sexual assault, harassment, groping, overt misogyny and more dozens of times over.

A man who has called his daughter a “piece of ass,” who walked into the dressing rooms of teenagers and who said he found Paris Hilton attractive when she was 12 years old. How dare he, truly.

The women I speak to feel in a constant state of trauma right now – while the outing of sexual abusers is cathartic it’s also incredibly draining. Especially when you start to see the names of men you admire/d.

Trump has never done a good thing for women and I don’t believe he’ll start now, but I’m holding out a bit of hope that his staff will find a way to rein him in to do American women favor and just shut up.

Glass Half Full

A dog who crashed a wedding in Brazil got a new home and is someone cutting onions in here?

What I’m RTing

Melanie Schmitz

Pastor Mark Burns: Today it’s Judge Moore. Tomorrow it could be you.

.@SRuhle: It can’t be me tomorrow because when I was in my 30s, I didn’t get banned from a mall. I wasn’t calling girls out of class [or] dating girls under 18 so no, it is not possible for it to ever be me.

November 16, 2017

Amanda Hess

my current favorite victim-blaming tactic is “she’s accused other guys in the past.” like women get a lifetime limit of talking about one (1) assault ever and we have to keep the rest of them quiet if we want people to believe us

November 14, 2017

Celeste Ng

Look Spanx, can we not do this, please

November 16, 2017

Marianna Sotomayor

Rep. Jackie Speier added that one Republican & one Democrat currently serving in the House are known serial sexual harassers

November 14, 2017

Who I’m reading

Drew Magary on “why comedy men are so awful”; Lili Loofbourow on the myth of the male bumbler; and Katherine Goldstein on how the media can start to fix its sexual harassment problem.

What I’m writing

I can’t believe I have to explain why a 14-year-old girl is not a grown up, but here we are.

How outraged I am

I thought I was handling the week’s outrages pretty well, but then Trump tweeted about sexual harassment and all was lost. If you need me, I’ll be screaming into the void.

How I’m making it through this week

This thread on The Cheesecake Factory (seriously) will delight and distract – exactly what we all need right now.

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