Citizenship fees waived for Windrush generation

Citizenship fees waived for Windrush generation


People from the Windrush generation and their children living in Britain will have citizenship fees waived, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

Those who arrived in the UK before 1973 will also not be forced to take a test on their knowledge of language and life in Britain.

The measures were revealed on Monday after Ms Rudd faced calls to resign over her handling of the scandal.

She declared that “anyone from the Windrush who now wants to become a British citizen will now be able to do so”.

People who “made their lives here” but have since “retired to their country of origin” will be allowed to return to the UK.

Ms Rudd promised to waive “any fees associated with this process” and liaise with foreign embassies.

The Home Secretary also promised to establish a new contact centre to guide people through complex immigration processes.

It will be staffed by experienced caseworkers who can “identify a systemic problem much more quickly in the future”.

Labour’s shadow equalities secretary Dawn Butler complained to Sky News on Sunday that the hotline set up to handle Windrush complaints was staffed by “inexperienced” people.

Ms Rudd admitted “we were too slow to realise that there was a group of people who needed to be treated differently”.

“We need to give a human face to how we work and exercise greater judgement where and when it is justified,” she added.

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