Which coconut water tastes best?

Which coconut water tastes best?


Grace coconut water juice drink with real coconut pieces

95p for 310ml


As the “juice drink” label suggests, this is only 85% coconut water, topped up with sugar and quivery pieces of young coconut that are an interesting addition (a smooth version is also available). It has a slightly thin sweetness, which makes it feel more like a coconut-flavoured soft drink than an actual coconut water.

Naked 100% coconut water

£2.50 for 500ml


Made partially from concentrate, the pack boasts “naturally 40% less sugars than other coconut waters”, and it does indeed have a very restrained sweetness, though the fact it contains the water of three-quarters less of a coconut than the same volume of Innocent’s version (see below) might explain the lower calorie count.

Innocent 100% coconut water

£2.50 for 500ml


Innocent coconut water

This has a very robust, nutty flavour, and is rich without being overly sweet. Refreshing to find a coconut water that actually tastes of coconut.

Chi 100% coconut water

£1.80 for 330ml


A rather savoury water with a toasted, almost sesame-like character. I bet this would be interesting in a cocktail.

Vita Coco 99% coconut water

£1.75 for 330ml


Vita coconut water

This unashamedly full-flavoured example packs some serious coconut punch – almost like drinking a non-alcoholic piña colada.

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